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First Cataclysm, When the World Broke

Second Cataclysm, When the Oceans Burned.

Date: Summer, 656E2

The Second Cataclysm occurred when the Fiend Balzathar gathered an army of demons and devils and brought them through a portal to the Realm.

The portal brought Balzathar’s army out into the ocean in other-worldly ships and they began to make their way towards the nearest continent. An after affect of the portal’s magic combined with the ships was a vapor that burned slowly on the water.

The pantheon of deities had foreseen this event, and had already prepared an army to repel the evil forces before they reached land. Among those numbered in the army were the three Immortals, all of whom played major roles in destroying the fiendish army.

The battle lasted for many hours, but at the end, Kil’Jeaden stood with blood streaming through the chinks in his armor, Tira Entier lay unconscious on one of the ships’ decks, the amount of magic power she had used draining every ounce of energy out from her, and the Third Immortal had fallen. Thanks to their efforts every demon and devil that had come was either dead or banished back to their unholy domains. Even the powerful Balzathar lay among the dead.

The vapors continue to magically burn, but they are not the only legacy of the battle. The ritual used by Balzathar to enter the Realm permanently damage the barriers holding back fiends and angels, allowing them to more easily enter the Realm, but also having the chance that they can die in the Realm without instead being sent back to their native planes.

Wars of the Realm

Battle of Hekshar Mountain

Location: Pass to Hekshar Mountain.
Date: Spring, 613E2

Before the battle the Barony of Mutricia called a council to form an alliance to assault the stronghold of the demoness Eztaah in order to destroy her and plunder her wealth. Asetoh, Syneria, and Furshun all came to the council and debated where they stood. They all decided that the war would be too costly and dangerous for them to go into it at full force, but instead they each agreed to send contingents to assist the forces of Mutricia. In addition, a number of mercenaries and volunteers came to help once the army had begun its march.

Late in Spring, 613E2 the army arrived at the pass to Hekshar Mountain and began their passage through it. But Eztaah had heard of their coming and had gathered all of her followers to meet the invaders.

In the narrow pass the two armies faced each other, the Allied forces nearly twice the size of Eztaah’s Guard Regiment. Not only that, but the Allies also had a very large number of knights who could take advantage of weak points in the enemy line and break through, causing a massive route. Plus the Guard Regiment lacked any archers, and instead relied entirely on its skilled Swordsmen to cut the enemy down quickly. But the Regiment had two things going for it: the narrow pass greatly reduced the advantages of the knights and the greater numbers that the Allies held, and Eztaah herself was fighting that day.

The fighting began with a mass charge from the Regiment through the oncoming arrows and into the lines if the Allies’ footmen. Eztaah had positioned herself behind her army and left a small, narrow section to entice the knights to charge. And charge they did, right through the weak-spot and right into the demoness who had teleported to strike them. Like a whirlwind of blades and death she kept them from fully exploiting the gap while they fell in droves. After a few minutes they fell back through the breach that they had made and it was closed behind them.

That more evened the odds, but the battle was far from over. The archers continued to rain arrows upon the Regiment while the weight of numbers from the footmen began to push the soldiers back. But Eztaah began the next maneuver and teleported to the left-flank of the Allies’ line where her elite guards rushed from the rocks where they had been hiding. With their mistress at their head the suddenly turned the flank of the footmen as the forces that weren’t from Mutricia began to flee. The peasants were thrown at the guards only to but butchered by the vastly superior foe. But their loss did slow the breaking of the line long enough for the knights to get into position and the footmen to be readied to face this new onslaught.

The knights charged a second time, but this time without the knowledge of Eztaah as they broke the momentum of the guards and began a brutal fight. With her guards half-distracted Eztaah continued to push through the front lines, allowing her swordsmen to lead her soldiers against the Allies’ footmen with even greater fury. By the time she had reached the center of the mass of footmen even the Mutrician forces were falling back and making a fighting retreat.

Having lost their numerical superiority, their knights, and their courage, the Allied forces finally withdrew. Not wanting to waste time on cowards, Eztaah did not chase them but instead ordered the wounded to be taken back to the mountain and the dead to be stripped and left. Those captured were either ransomed, won over, or killed in duels. Total casualties amounted to about 1,500 out of over 7,000.


Arcane Magic

Arcane magic, also known as Natural Magic, is that which is as commonplace in the world as air. Pervading everything, it has no single master but is relatively easy to control by those who have the knowledge to do so.

Wizards are almost the only who control it.

Divine Magic

Divine Magic is that granted by supernatural beings. All supernatural beings have the ability to grant Divine Magic, but it is limited based on how powerful they are.

Beings of power akin to mortals are unable to grant any actual spells, but they are able to give their most devote worshipers some occasional guidance whenever the worshiper takes an action connected to the being’s sphere.

More powerful beings, such as those who are powerful in their own right but have no clergy or worshiping body, can grant actual spells to those who give themselves over to the being. These spells are limited in power, depending on the being.

The most powerful beings who have not yet achieved the status of a deity are able to grant greater divine spells to their clergy. While not capable of the most powerful of spells, there are few followers of such who have attained the levels of ability to use such power.

Deities are unequaled in their power. They are greater than the Immortals themselves and function without the aid of any others. They serve nothing, not even the Pantheon, and answer only to themselves. They are able to grant any level of Divine Power to their servants and no spell is beyond their reach.

Other Sources of Power

Beyond the fundamentals of Natural Magic and that bestowed by the gods, there are other sources of power.

The first, and primary source, is that of creatures. Some creatures and denizens not native to the Realm are themselves magical and able to draw upon that magic at their discretion. Since it is from their life-force it is akin to divine magic, but usually functions more like arcane in its use and effects.

Outsiders, Dragons, and Magical Beasts are the most common, but many Aberrations also have some powers. Sometimes these powers are rather draining and so are limited without proper rest, while others are as natural and easy as physical movement. Sorcerers are also numbered here as their powers stem from their own magical talent rather than control of Natural Magic.

The Realm

Minor Kingdoms and Provinces


Furshun, City of Balorlaron

Furshun is the City State established and is situated between the kingdoms of Asetoh and Syneria. It contains his personal Temple which crosses as his Palace, several city districts, and it is surrounded by a wall capable of repelling all but the most determined attackers.

Mount Hekshar

Mount Hekshar is the home-fortress of the warrior demon Eztaah. Here she trains her many skilled soldiers, not for plans of any future conquest or defense, but simply for the thrill of having such skill displayed around her and to know that her own skill is so much greater.

Mutricia Barony

Located West of the Gnarled Mountains, North of Asetoh, and on the Southern Border of Velondale Barony. Ruled by the firm hand of Baroness Mutricia, the land is used as a center for treaties, diplomacy, and meetings due to its central nature.


Velondale Barony

Major Geographic Features

Dryad Forest

Gnarled Mountains

Rather than being situated in relation to other landmarks, the Gnarled Mountains act as the landmark for all other locations around. Viewable for a week’s journey in all directions and the focal point for all barbaric tribes in the region, it would be foolish to ignore the impact that this string of mountains has on the surrounding lands of the Realm.

Temple of Consuming Rebirth

Hidden in the forests which seclude the Gnarled Mountains, the Temple of Consuming Rebirth is known by none outside of its cultists.

Uncivilized Frontier

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